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Mug For Sale

Dear Sweden,

Here in America, even the wretched vagrants believe in the truth and beauty of the free market. American city planning is arranged in concentric circles of buying and selling. Through the act of buying, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the American condition. In order to honestly understand the Americans, we have printed our logo on a mug and opened an online store. One product is surely enough.

This exploratory participation in American-style market economy will give our researchers firsthand knowledge of what it all means—and what it really feels like. Buy our mug and steal a glimpse of an American conception of truth.

5 replies on “Mug For Sale”

I’m selling one of these mugs in like-new condition. I’ve already assembled it using the tiny allen wrench and screws, so you will save yourself 3-4 hours of trying to decipher the instructions. It’s a good mug, but I am trading up to one that clashes less with the American flags it holds. I’m asking $48 including shipping, which is a bargain considering the time I’ve spent assembling it for you.

That sounds really great, Jorge. Perhaps you could come into our office tomorrow morning and we could discuss this?

The mug has sold, please no more questions. I am considering selling the flags lately..

Jorge, I cannot tell you how disappointing that is. Just the other day I was telling my secretary that someone on the Internet was about to sell me a pre-assembled mug. I was really looking forward to saving 3-4 hours of instruction deciphering time.

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