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130. And what’s the problem now?

Water of the week is Sparkling Clam. Yup, you read that right – sparkling clam! It may sound unusual, but it’s a beverage that has been gaining popularity in some parts of the world, and Joakim is here to give us his expert opinion on it. Okay, so what now? You think this episode description was also written by ChatGPT? You think it’s Artificial Intelligence all the way down? Reaching the lower reaches of the nothingness of the nothing? You think we’ve completely lost everything already? Anyway. Let’s talk about the big question: What’s wrong the the New York Times? Let’s see what the people have to say…
“basically that it’s all about how you can’t just appreciate that something happened but rather it’s only meaningful if it’s this social media style experience narrated by the reporter”
“the other thing is about just being really wordy and vague and using a ton of words when the thing could be just very simply stated, perhaps because this wordy approach is considered colloquial and attractive but also because it helps them to deliver an angle, a sort of ironic point of view”
“and they use verbs with no clear subject”
“or passive voice in a suspicious way”